MCCB menas Moulded case Circuit Breaker -- it is used for. 250Amps to 800Amps in the motor feeders. 


Molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) are UL 489-approved circuit breakers whose current-carrying parts, mechanisms and trip devices are all completely contained within a molded case of insulating material. MCCBs are available in various frame sizes with various interrupting ratings for each frame size. MCCBs are one of the two basic low voltage classes of circuit breakers. 

Molded Case Circuit Breakers are designed to provide circuit protection for low voltage distribution systems. They will protect connected devices against both overloads and short circuits. They are most-commonly-used in panelboards and switchboards where they are fixed mounted, though some of the larger MCCBs available may be available in a drawout mount design. 

MCCBs are available with special features which make them suitable for the protection of motor circuits when used in conjunction with a separate overload protection device. When used in such applications, they are often referred to as motor circuit protectors (MCPs). 




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