Balance Type


Servo Voltage Stabilizer:

Balanced type voltage stabilizers

It has a solo phase servo motor build up on 3 coupled variacs that are operated mechanically, so it stabilizes the voltage by single phase only.

Specifications of Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer:
The accessories and fittings are as follows:

·         CT operated Amplification meter

·         Volt meter (0 to 300 volts 3 Nos.) for reading output and input voltage per phase and 0-500 Volts phase to phase

·         High/Low/Main indicators

·         Selector switch to calculate the load independently

·         Manual/Auto switch

·         Manual decrease/increase push switch

·         Output lower/raise in manual mode

·         Output voltage alteration in auto mode

Technical Specifications

·         Output voltage is - 415V +/- 2.5% Adjustable

·         Input voltage is 270,480 V ,300V-480V or as needed

·         Rate of correction - additional 8V / Sec

·         Capacity - ........KVA (5 to 2500 KVA)

·         Cooling - Air/ Oil

Protections : (Optional)

·         Short circuit protection

·         Low & High voltage cut off

·         Single phase guard

·         Over load guard

·         Bypass arrangement

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